The Historic Fayette Theater is growing the show Jack and the Giant just for you

FAYETTEVILLE, WV (WOAY)- You don’t need to sell your cow to see this. The Historic Fayette Theater is putting on “Jack and the Giant” as their spring musical. Director Sharon Bibb talks a bit about what this show is about.

“So, Jack is in rough times, him and his mother, and they’re about to lose the farm. And so they’re getting ready to sell the only thing they have a value,” said Sharon Bibb, the director. “And he gets swindled. Or does he? by selling it for some magic beans.”

While this show is based on the story of “Jack and the Beanstalk” it has its own spin to it.

“There’s a bunch of, like, different fairy tale creatures involved. Like, for instance, we have the troll, we have a princess, a queen,” explained Heath Gilliam, Jack. “We have a little chicken, a scarecrow, and just a bunch of other fairy tale creatures.”

Bibb explains how they pulled this show together.

“Well, it takes a village or a community in my case, and I could not do it without our producer, our production designer, the costuming, the people that come out and give of their time, all these lovely people that I get the opportunity to work with,” said Bibb. “It’s all volunteer. So, it truly is a group and community effort. And so, I just kind of polish everyone. I make them the best they can be, but I have a lot of help, so I’m thankful for that.”

This village has a variety of actors from it being their first time in an h-f-t show to having worked on many shows like Nathan Bloomfield. Bloomfield explains how his roles has changed through his time performing with HFT.

“I’ve slowly climbed up the ladder of importance of roles from a side character to a fairly important plot character to now my character is in the title of the play. So it’s very exciting,” said Nathan Bloomfield, the Giant. “And this is also the first time I say I had had the chance to be a full-on bad guy I had a time where I was kind of in the middle. But now I’m just full-on fe fi fo fum and eating people. I love it.”

Don’t worry, you the audience are not on the giant’s dinner menu. So don’t be afraid to sit back and relax to enjoy a family-friendly show. But don’t listen to me, the giant’s right-hand henchman, collector and enforcer would like to send an invite to you.

“Just would like to invite everybody to come out. We want to see the seats packed, a house full standing room only,” said Mitch Howell, the Troll. “Take it from the troll. This is a good show, and you absolutely love it.”

The show will run March 8th, 9th, 15th, 16th, 22nd, 23rd, and the 24th.

You can visit the link below to see times and to purchase tickets!


View the video below for a preview of the show!

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