The FCSD has sworn in two new deputies and became fully staffed

FAYETTE COUNTY, WV (WOAY)- The Fayette County Sheriff’s Department has officially become fully staffed with the swearing-in of two new deputies on Friday at the Fayette County courthouse.

Dakota Shreve and Joshua Warsaw have been appointed by Sheriff Mike Fridley as deputy sheriffs and sworn in by commissioner Tom Louisos. Sheriff Fridley says it’s been over two years since they have been fully staffed. He talks about how being full staff will help the community.

“Let’s use this example. You got a call. You have 3-4 deputies out a midnight shift, and you got to call in Pax, you got to call in Armstrong Creek, and you got to call in Meadow Bridge. That’s all-different areas of this county and it might take a little bit to get there,” said Fridley. “And citizens don’t like that, you know, and I get that, but with the full staff and everything, response times are going to be different. And that’s good for the public because 660 square miles, that’s a big area. And if you have more deputies out, it means you can put them in these outlying areas, which we’ve really been trying to do.”

Shreve and Warsaw are both graduates of Oak Hill High School. Shreve went to college for DNR then his heart shifted to becoming a sheriff’s deputy. Warsaw served in the United States Marine Corps for some time and after working some trades jobs he wanted to pursue something that gave him purpose again. Both want to be able to serve and protect their community.

They will go to the State Police Academy at the end of February and will graduate from there in June. They explain their why and what they are more excited for in this role.

“I grew up here in Oak Hill Fayette, County. I see what bad goes on here, what good goes on here. So, I’m most excited for just working in a position where I can be involved in the community. Somewhere I grew up and protect the people around me,” said Shreve. “I’m just super excited to make the people around me proud, make the department proud, and try to help the community.”

“I was born and raised Christian. I’ve always felt that it’s my duty to help people, to protect people. I’ve always felt like that was my gifts. So, I’ve always pursued that,” said Warsaw. “Just to give back, honestly, just to go out there and help people protect them and do the best I can to serve them as well.”

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