Summers County Humane Society/Riverside Kitten Rescue connects dogs, puppies, and kittens with forever homes

The goal is to have all the fur-babies placeable before the end of the year.

They put that into motion with an event at the old train depot in Hinton, where puppy adoptions were $25.

The Summers County Humane Society volunteer group does such important work. Without them, these dogs wouldn’t have families and their communities would have strays running rampant.

“We’d have so many litters of puppies that didn’t have anywhere to call home,” said volunteer Christina Cochran. “And the harsh reality is we would have a lot of dogs euthanized.”

Sarah Lambert traveled from Bluefield because she saw a four-month-old kitten on Facebook that caught her eye.

“I’ve been looking to adopt for a few months and I just fell in love with one of the cats,” Lambert said. “And I knew for a fact I wanted to come meet her.”

Some people may call cats unfriendly or aloof but Sarah’s a fan.

“They’re so cuddly, they’re so friendly — they’re calm,” said the Bluefield resident. “I’m not a big fan of barking, so I do like how quiet and nonchalant they are.”

Anyone interested in adopting a dog or puppy from them, find them on Facebook under Summers County Humane Society. Their adoption application is also online (they review them on a rolling basis).

“We’re always open for questions and able to reach us,” Cochran said.

The Summers County Humane Society’s volunteers are a passionate group that cares about the dogs.

“Putting in the blood, sweat and tears to get these dogs adopted,” said the volunteer.

Sarah hopes to care for her cat for many years to come… and says it makes a difference to take in these kittens who’ve been left on the streets.

“I think it’s a very noble thing that people are taking these in and fostering them and allowing people like us to come adopt,” Lambert said. “It’s just a very beautiful event and I’m so excited to be here.”



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