Snow effect on local businesses in Oak Hill

OAK HILL, WV (WOAY)- The winter weather affects businesses in many ways, and many are seeing less business or having to close due to the weather.

Cafe One Ten in Oak Hill is no stranger to that, usually the winter is a slower time for them but when snowstorms happen, they see a lot fewer people dining in and more takeout orders.

“I think especially being like a family-owned small business it can see a big impact where like chain businesses might not as much,” said Maddy Brown, a server at Cafe One Ten. “So, it slowed down a good bit, dine in but we have a lot of Door Dash orders that have picked up which I think has been a huge bonus.”

They had started using DoorDash a few months ago and it has been beneficial.

“DoorDash has got a lot bigger reach. It’s got a wider radius more people you know, see it that wouldn’t normally so that’s been a huge help for the slower season,” said Brown. “Cause people were scrolling through that might not have ordered from here are able to see it and have it delivered without leaving, which is really convenient for the snowy roads and stuff. And then we have a lot of regulars who always be back after the snow is over.

When it comes to having enough employees to run the restaurant, they typically don’t have to worry about coverage and being able to get your food to you.

“We’ve had a few people who were like a little further away that couldn’t get the cars out or anything but we got a lot of people who work that are in town so they can usually pick that up and cover it,” explained Brown.

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