Sheets Automotive Athlete of the Week – Robert Ruffner

HICO, WV (WOAY) – This past Friday, Midland Trail’s Robert Ruffner totaled nearly 150 yards from scrimmage in the team’s 33-0 win over Meadow Bridge.

Stats like those hint at a collection of impressive plays. None stood out more than a bobbled touchdown catch in the second quarter.

“All of my teammates always make fun of me and say I can’t catch. So to catch that one, it was really cool.”

Receiving is one of several areas Ruffner worked on this offseason. He also bulked up from 145 to 160 pounds to run with more physicality.

While his skillset and physical traits have changed over time, Ruffner’s heart has never changed.

“[On] special teams his freshman year, he was probably 110, 115 pounds and he’d come out here, he was just laying people out,” Patriots head coach Frank Isaacs said.

As Ruffner closes out his high school career, it’d be difficult to find a player who embodies his program more.

“We’re not going to be the biggest, we’re not going to be the strongest, we’re not going to be the most talented,” said Isaacs. “But we are always going to have the most heart and we’re going to outwork you. And that’s exactly what Robert Ruffner does.

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