Senator Capito join Moore Capito’s campaign in Fayette County

FAYETTEVILLE, WV (WOAY)- Moore Capito, a former member of the West Virginia House of Delegates, has been on the campaign trail for governor of West Virginia for 14 months. His trail led him to Fayette County on March 4 to meet and talk to locals.

His first stop was the Fayette Institute of Technology where he toured around and talked with students. Then, he did a meet and greet at Waterstone Outdoors in Fayetteville where he talked to the public.

“We’re in Fayette County today looking around on a beautiful day. We were sure did pick a good one. We’ve been taking in all the sights, obviously, but we’ve been visiting with a lot of West Virginia’s future,” said Moore Capito, Republican candidate for governor. “We had the opportunity this morning to go to fit and visit with students throughout. So exciting to see the level of enthusiasm that our next generation of leaders in West Virginia have about what they want to go do. I’m so passionate about putting our next generation to work. It’s so good to see so many young people enthusiastic about that.”

At his Waterstone meet and greet he also ended up having a roundtable with Fayetteville’s 8th grade student council. He explained what he was hearing from the people of Fayette County about what they need.

“One of the big things that we’ve been hearing as we’ve traveled across the state and particularly here in Fayette County, is that we need to make sure that we’re keeping an eye on our water and sewage projects to make sure that we’re poised for growth,” said Moore Capito. “We have room to grow in our communities. We absolutely have to make sure that we have the safest communities in the country.

His mother, U.S. Senator Shelley Moore Capito, was also in attendance to these stops.
She explains what it would mean if her son were to win this race.

“Wow. I mean, it would just be an incredible thing for our state, really. But, you know, he says in his own words that it’s personal for him. He has two children, two of our grandchildren are his children. And he wants to see them grow up in a state that takes advantage of the natural beauty,” said Shelley Moore Capito, U.S. Senator [R]. “Lower down here in Fayette County [there’s] really incredible sportsmen, climbers and hikers and people from all over the country come to see this. And I think that’s what he wants. He wants something that’s going to make the state grow. It’s going to bring our young people back. He’s one of the ones that stayed in his age group, and he wants to see many more.”

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