Raleigh County Parks and Rec plan for first-annual competition at local parks to draw in more visitors

BECKLEY, WV (WOAY) – Raleigh County Parks and Recreation is getting creative with ideas to draw in more visitors.

In an effort to do so, they are organizing an annual competition at local parks around Raleigh County. They hope to attract area residents and visitors from across the state alike by allowing teams to compete against one another through a number of activities.

“Prior to Covid, we were trying to put something together for the entire county that would highlight all of our local parks and facilities that we have here,” President of the Veterans Museum and board member of Raleigh County Parks and Rec., Ron Hedrick says.

They have invited local businesses, organizations, and the military to take part in the competition.

In teams of 5, the groups will come together to challenge each other in disc golf tournaments, races, watersports, and obstacle courses, among other activities. The events will be tailored to highlight the unique aspects of each of the parks.

Some of the parks to host the event will include, Lake Stephens, Fitzpatrick, and the area’s newest, Wooten Park. Hedrick says that while the purpose is to bring the whole community together, the military’s and first responder’s involvement is a major factor.

“Being a background in military and stuff like that, it was just kind of a fit that we would reach out to military and first responder type people who are servants to the people too, and what better way to get them fired up than to challenge them,” he says.

The funds raised from the competition will go toward making upgrades at the parks as well as helping to boost the local economy.

The Parks and Rec. has a tentative date set for the weekend competition but they have yet to release it.

They plan to make it an annual event and will try to grow it every year.

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