Raleigh County Commissioner on new water plant site: seeing 100 percent of county has water

A new water plant has been in the making for several years… Raleigh County Commission looked at various properties and is currently working with a landowner in the Glen Daniel area to wrap up obtaining the 320 acres where the plant would be built.

“That water plant would service about 5,000 customers probably, down through Route 1 and Route 3, down to the county line,” said Commissioner Greg Duckworth. “I’m real excited about having another water source to the county and Beckley Water does a great job and they cover a lot of area. My hope would be that this helps them with their projects and we’ll work together on some things.”

Duckworth says they would all like to see some things happening this year, in 2024. But bringing this project to fruition takes a lot of money.

“The project’s expected to be several, several million dollars from the beginning to the completion. I’ve heard numbers like 20 million,” Duckworth said. “And I don’t know what those numbers are at this point. We’re in the early stages of the first steps, which is obtaining the property.”

According to Duckworth, about 97 percent of Raleigh County has water now.

“But there are still some places that don’t have water, they have to get it out of a well,” he said.

The county commission is united in this project.

“Seeing it through and seeing 100 percent of the population of our county have water would be our goal,” said the commissioner.

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