Raleigh County Commission, NRGRDA exploring possible development of site in Mount Hope

Raleigh County and the New River Gorge Developmental Authority are exploring the possibility of developing a site at Appalachian Heights.

At the Raleigh County commissioners meeting on June 27, the commissioners voted to negotiate with the city of Mount Hope to provide water to a project at Appalachian Heights.

“We have hopefully three manufacturers hoping to come in there, and there’s no water available out on Route 19 where the pipes are and so forth. If Mount Hope agrees to sell water to the Raleigh County Public Service District, the lawyers will have to set up a contract with Mount Hope to see how much they will charge per gallon of water,” Commissioner Dave Tolliver said.

The NRGDA is still assessing the site, but the organization is not ready to release specific details.

The organization first identified the site years ago and is working to solve issues, like the lack of necessary utilities, before they begin advocating for funding.

The NRGDA said an update could be made in the coming months.

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