Raleigh County Commission awards bid for new sheriff station

RALEIGH COUNTY, WV (WOAY) – After delaying the awarding at their December meeting the Raleigh County Commission awarded Radford and Radford the contract for the new sheriff station. The contract was awarded in the amount of nine million and twenty thousand dollars. Sheriff Van Meter says it has been a long process, but he is excited to see the contract awarded.

“We’ve been on this for several years now, working on this with the county commission, with Steve Davis, and with the architects and things,” said Raleigh County Sheriff Scott Van Meter. “Seemed that with COVID it slowed things a whole lot, but we are at the point now it’s been awarded to contractors. We are real excited about it, we need a new building and it’s going to be great for us.”

The current sheriff station was used by the state police until the nineties when the sheriff department moved in. Since then the sheriff department has out grown the building. In fact all of the road deputies share three desks in the current station, but in the new one everyone will have their own desk.

“The old building was nice it used to be state police, when I was there with state police and now I’m there with the sheriffs,” said Sheriff Van Meter. “We have thirty to forty road deputies who share about three desks. Everyone will have their own space and the evidence room is going to be like you’d see on TV. It’s going to be a great facility.”

The new sheriff station will be built in the development space behind the DMV and the Dr. Pepper plant and is expected to break ground in March.

The plan is for the new sheriff station to be completed in a year and a half.

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