Preventing online scams during tax season

BECKLEY, WV (WOAY) – Prevent online scamming during tax season. Year after year cybercriminals are finding new ways to steal taxpayer’s identities.

“Three things that you should not do is use public wifi because that is just notorious unsecured. Another thing not to do is click on ads. It is very dangerous because you can get a virus,” said Vice President Beth Gardner.

If you’re bombarded with emails just know that most likely it’s fake. The IRS does not use emails, text messages or social media to discuss a tax debt or refunds with taxpayers.

“Phishing emails you never want to answer the email that they’re asking for a bank account, social security number. No reputable company is going to ask for that information in an email so if you get an email like that it’s bogus,” said Gardner.

Another option in protecting yourself from cybercrime is freezing your credit report.

“That way no one can get in and hack your information and get all of your personal information and then you can unfreeze it when you need too. Always use strong passwords,” Garner explained.

Garner says if you have to question the website do not enter your personal information.

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