Pints for Pups Event Happening this Weekend!

BECKLEY, WV (WOAY)- Operation Underdog is hosting its second annual Pints for Pups event this weekend. Operation Underdog is a volunteer animal advocacy group based in Raleigh County. They are dedicated to help save animals from euthanasia. They do this by fostering animals and working with local animal shelters.

Saturday, October 21st, they will have their second annual Pints for Pups event at Weathered Ground Brewery. The event will run from 6 to 10 p.m. Elizabeth Raney is one of the volunteers for Operation Underdog and is excited for this year’s event and raise funds for their cause like last year.

“Were really pleased with how it went, and we had a great turnout, a super well-attended. That was folks that we’re having again, to just have that same opportunity this year to meet people and talk to anybody that wants to contribute or be a part of something that we’re doing that leading meet with us and donate something,” said Raney.

The event will have live entertainment and an auction.

Raney explained what types of items will be auctioned off, “Yeah, we have, like, jewelry from Calvin Broyles Jewelers, It’s like a little West Virginia ring. We have ski passes for winter place. We have, like, a massage package from a local business. We have photography package from a local business. We have 31 bags, lots of handmade items that volunteers have made and donated. So, some very good things.”

And even though you won’t be able to see her adopt any dogs at the event, all the proceeds will go help them. They hope that this year’s event will be just as successful, if not more than last year’s, especially since there will also be many people here for bridge day.

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