Photographer offers free cap and gown photoshoots to highschoolers

SHADY SPRING, WV (WOAY) – A photographer has been offering free graduation photoshoots to local high school seniors.

Photographer Karen Akers has decided to help lift the spirits of high school seniors by offering free cap and gown photo shoots. She says photos can get expensive and right now during this time of need, offering free shoots is the least she can do.

“A lot of kids just can’t afford it so I’ve always cut deals with people or done trade out. It’s just something I want to give my gift back to that God’s given me,” Akers said. 

Shoots can range anywhere between $75 and $300, so offering them free of charge for too long could be a drain on her income. Local business owners in Raleigh County caught wind of what she was doing and they began sponsoring her to give away more photoshoots. 

“Padrinos, El Mariachi and Blue Magnolia actually offered to give me a little money just to offer more pictures. So we’re offering 25 free sessions now.”

Akers plans to keep giving away photoshoots for at least a few more weeks, and even longer if more businesses can sponsor her. 

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