“Peace Out 2020” art auction kicks off in Beckley

BECKLEY, WV (WOAY) – “We have all kinds of artists. All different kinds of genres and things.”

There’s no shortage of local art that will be on display at “Brown Dog Bottom,” below “Tickety Boo Mercantile” in Beckley this week. The owners of “Crafty Lady Birds” are holding the “Peace Out 2020” auction, showcasing artists around the area.

“We have paintings. There’s an artist, his name is Gary Vaughn,” said “Crafty Lady Birds Co-Owner Lindsey Adkins. “He does different paintings, pretty much by hand with spray-paint and things like that. And then there’s wood burning. There’s clay crafts. There’s a big clearance table. We’re going to have all kinds of clearance so I think you could find anything you wanted.”

The theme of the “Peace Out 2020” auction is saying good bye to a tough year and carrying optimism into the new one. At least 10% of the proceeds will go to the Humane Society.

“Get rid of some of our old stuff,” said “Crafty Lady Birds Co-Owner Terra Milks. “Start new with the new year and start fresh. I know that this past year has been rough for everybody, not only us. So we figured if we can sell some stuff and help somebody else out.”

Even though the auction is based in Beckley, it extends throughout the area. A part of the excitement for the “Crafty Lady Birds” lies in connecting the community through different forms of art.

“It’s really special because we have people from Summersville,’ Adkins said. “We have people from Fayetteville. From Gent. From everywhere and you get this big collection of awesome things.

“It makes it special because you can find anything that you want and you get a real collection of people.”

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