One Tank Trip: Winterplace is a Safe Haven For Beginner to Advanced Skiers/Snowboarders

Winterplace Resort, W.VA. (WOAY): As we get deeper into the winter months, it can be a challenge to enjoy the great outdoors. Snow sports such as skiing and snowboarding are great ways to immerse yourself in a West Virginia winter, and Winterplace has you covered.

“So we’re an amazing independently owned ski resort. So we have skiing, snowboarding and snow tubing. And basically we just try to provide that that great southern West Virginia experience to all of our guests as best as we can.” Faber said.

With so many resorts these days joining the large ski conglomerate companies, family owned ski resorts are invaluable and keep the experience true to what it was meant to be.

“This is our priority. We want to make it, you know, the best experience we possibly can from snow conditions to customer service like it matters to us. Right. And we’re a huge piece of the community. We want to be a good neighbor and just try to do anything we can to like, bolster the area as much as possible.” Faber said.

It takes an incredible and dedicated team, one that Winterplace has, to create such a fun and welcoming environment for everyone who comes to the mountain.

“Once you get out here and you realize the atmosphere, like everybody’s here to learn and everybody’s here to do the same thing as you are, it’s not bad. Everybody is super supportive. They ask you if you’re okay when you fall. They want you to get up and go, like nobody’s hateful towards you if you fall or get in the way.” first time snowboarder Alley Kincaid said.

So it does not matter if you have been getting on the snow your whole life or if this will be your first season, enjoying the mountain state in the winter months is one of a kind.

The National Institute of Health published a study in 2019 that suggests getting outside and engaging in physical activity has positive mental health effects.

“Physical activity in a natural environment has been shown to create larger positive effects on affective responses compared to indoor physical activity” the NIH said.

“it’s changed my perspective on being outside for sure. Usually I hate the winter and I feel like doing this is a way to just kind of fight seasonal depression a little bit because you have something to look forward to in the cold months.” Kincaid said.


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