One Tank Trip: Tee Time and The Starlite Drive-In

OAK HILL, WV (WOAY)- One tank trip brought to you by Childers Enterprises.

Some people enjoy the nostalgia of a 50’s drive-in, while others prefer the use of virtual reality in our technologically driven world. Well, one place in Oak Hill brings them together. Tee Time and the Starlite Drive-In on Lochgelly road has been able to successfully bring both to the local community. After starting as a drive in, they decided to expand to a sports bar and restaurant.

“Well, my brother, my partner, Tom Miller. Yeah, it was actually him and his son in law’s. Some of his stepsons, his stepson’s idea to do the golf simulators. I thought it’d be a great idea for winter. We get a lot of people in, and then the bad weather, you know, we get quite a bit of rain also. So, the golfers could come in, would use the simulators, they’d come in at eight. Plus, we have a back room where the families can come and say that they don’t want to be around the golf. They can go in the back or go outside on the patio,” states owner Chuck Miller.

The simulator is $50 an hour and you can play with up to eight people on a simulator. You also have the choice of up to 26 different courses and can play an 18-hole game. If you want to work on your golf game. Then you want to come out to Tee Time in Oak Hill. No matter your skill level, this is always fun for everyone and hopefully you’ll shoot better than I did.

So, you can walk in and practice your drive or drive in and relax with a movie.
Starlight drive-in shows a variety of movies, from classics to new box office releases. They have two screenings every Friday and Saturday, which is $8 a ticket. The two-football field length parking lot has plenty of space for anyone of any age to come in and enjoy a double feature.

“I mean, we’ve had so many people come that’s never been to a drive-in movie theater and they absolutely love it. And they’re an older people that had been like myself that grew up around driving movie theaters. They’re bringing your children, your grandchildren, showing them a new aspect to it. So, it’s actually it’s making a comeback in the country,” exclaimed Miller.

And making a comeback. It is. They said one weekend they had 505 cars come for their screening of “Top Gun Maverick,” but this one stop spot doesn’t just bring in locals. They have many visitors from out of state come to.

“I think it’s a big attraction. People are looking for something to do. This area is needed, something bad. The drive in was one aspect. I mean, people love that. We had great reaction. We get a lot of out-of-staters who come and actual people visiting the gorge. So with the sports restaurant also, that gives them a place they can come sit down, watch a ballgame, eat, and then a lot of them just come and eat and then go to the drive and vice versa,” explained Miller. “We got them come to the drive-in, they come, hey, you got tee time there. What is that? I said, it’s a sports restaurant. Can we go over and eat and then come back to the movie? Yes, absolutely. So, we’re actually like a one stop destination for entertainment.”

And eventually they plan to add more to it. But no matter what they add in the future. People can come in and enjoy the food, drinks, golf or a movie. So, for those who are more interested in watching a movie, almost 500 people can come here and watch a movie on a 40-foot-tall screen.

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