One Tank Trip: Miller’s Haunted Nightmare Farm

LEWISBURG, WV (WOAY)- One tank trip brought to you by Childers Enterprises.

Spooky season has begun and if you’re looking for a scare. You can go fright this way to Lewisburg where you’ll find Miller’s Haunted Nightmare Farm…

But how did this nightmarish farm come to be? Co-owner Ron Miller tells his strange story…

“Is really strange. We started with corn maze years ago. I developed the corn maze my neighbors thought I was crazy, seeing me ride around my corn feild cutting paths. And then at the end of the season we decided to haunt the corn maze. And my son just loved it both my son’s love it. My daughter worked in it and we did that for a while and closed it down and open back up again two years ago with this. So, it’s kind of a continuation of tradition.”

But don’t be deceived, this farm is more than just a walking tour, it’s a full immersive show with a preshow parade and a bon fire. That preshow happens to be miller’s favorite part of the experience…

“Last year they came out this entrance, this exit gate here. And at one point all the actors would at a certain song would introduce the night and then they play a song and they come bursting out. And that was fun,” stated Miller. ” This year they’re gathering up on that end kind of in a battlefield formation, and they’ll go through the star-spangled banner, but after that, they pick their victims. And it’s just fun watching the kids get under tables that are just you know; you watch an 11-year-old crawling on the table because it scares them all of a sudden then they laugh.”

The scare actors work to create these characters and they play a big role in designing them.

“They’ll spend three or 4 hours over here one Sunday night going through that whole thing. We run two scare schools. We have people here, weekends, running scare school, learning how to scare. We want them to do a good job. We don’t want them to come out saying boo, we want to be in their character. So, we encourage you not to go out of character. Of most of the people who act will have something they want to be in, and they’ll work with Berkley, who is the head person of the haunt part, and they’ll develop those characters and develop the makeup,” explained Miller.

And these ghouls who are just dying to meet you… But this haunt isn’t for the faint of heart, Miller states that no matter the age, people either love it or hate it.

“You know, it’s hard for me to say I’ve seen five-year-olds go in and enjoy themselves. I’ve seen 15-year-olds that won’t go. So, it just varies. I’ve seen adults go in and with their britches, I mean you know, and then you get others go in and just thing is a blast. And you have others say, well, that didn’t scare me at all.”

If you’re interested in this frighting experience, it’s $20 per person for the farm. But you can get a fast pass for $40 if you buy ahead online. But for those not interested in going into the haunted farm you can enjoy refreshments and activities such as escape rooms… axe throwing… or their new archery game headshot… The prices for these activities vary but you can purchase a game pass for $30.

So, whether or not you love the thrill of being scared or you just want to spend some time with good friends and family, you could come on down to Miller’s Haunted Nightmare Farm here in Lewisburg.

Check their website for dates of operation and to buy tickets!

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