On this International Women’s Day, activist Pam Garrison says women are still not equal

Happy International Women’s Day! We celebrate all the women who are powerful forces in making the world a better place.

Activist Pam Garrison is one of them. She says we’ve seen women as CEOs and hold political office — things they were never allowed to do in the past, yet there is still much work to be done when it comes to equality.

“We’ve seen laws being passed and rights being took away to make us lesser, lesser than, we’re not equal, we still don’t make equal pay,” said concerned citizen Garrison.

Women are superheroes every day.

“We don’t get to just go to work and come home, put our feet up and wait for somebody to fix us dinner, raising the kids, making sure that there is food and how it’s going to be prepared,” she said. “Everything is expected of the women but we’re still lesser, we’re still not as capable as men.”

Remembering the days of suppression, where women were mostly trained as secretaries or something pretty, Garrison says she would like to see us get equal rights… and stop the oppression.

“We’re gonna have to put away our petty differences and start coming together and demanding justice, demanding equal pay, demanding equal rights, demanding that women have control over their bodies and their healthcare and their reproductive choices. We’ve got to stand and fight for these things because they’re not gonna be hand(ed) to us,” said the activist.

Garrison wants to be a voice for all the women trying to survive.

“On just practically nothing, ya know and raise our families and then they just keep taking programs that would help us be able to make the difference up with the subminimum wage,” she said.

She says we have to have a common goal for the future of our girls.

“Protect our little girls; we have to protect what rights they have, while we have a chance. I need all them moms and grandmas to stand up and start going to these school meetings, start going to these council meetings, to start going to Charleston, to start getting involved ’cause that’s the only way we’re gonna be able to change things and make things better,” said Garrison.

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