On National Fragrance Day ‘Notoriously Morbid’ talks nostalgia of scents

BECKLEY, WV (WOAY) We all have that scent that reminds us of a happy memory or a person we dearly miss.

On this National Fragrance Day one local business talks about the sentimentality of fragrance.

“We work with scents every single day; like I know anytime anybody walks in the room it smells like a different thing,” said Notoriously Morbid customer service specialist Andrea White. “And especially with our scents and the products we try to create — we do try to evoke a sense of nostalgia.”

Fragrance has all kinds of associations; your favorite scent can lift your mood and transport you to another place or time.

According to White, it all depends on how a scent interacts with your body chemistry.

“You know I could put the scent that we create on myself or we could put it on a co-worker and it could smell completely different.”

Notoriously Morbid has a sister company called Holler Raised that focuses on candles and wax melts.

“Momma’s fresh baked cookies; that’s one of our specific scents and it’s our top seller because it does smell like being at your grandma’s house when she just made some warm cookies,” the customer service specialist said.

White says she gravitates toward sweet bakery or anything with Tonka (vanilla scent) or oud (woodsy scent), and as a visual person what the packaging looks like first.

“Like if you go in a store to try out some fragrances, they have the little testers sometimes where you can spray it on that and then it kind of settles,” she said. “That way you know, or just putting it on your skin.”

And they just released a new perfume called ‘Cursed to Stone.’

“Its notes are white tea, apricot, honey and tobacco — and this one smells wonderful,” the customer service specialist said.

“And we do have sample sizes of it so you’re not committing to a huge bottle,” she said.

When it comes to choosing a fragrance, White recommends…

“I always like to check the scent notes,” she said. “If you know that those scents already work with your body chemistry then that’s a good foundation to start on.”

*Notoriously Morbid also has car diffusers and Holler Raised scent bits that you can put in your wax warmer.

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