Oak Leaf Festival excited to kick off ‘Spring Fling’

Looking forward to the flowers blooming, warm breezes and carefree days ahead.

Well, March 2 kicks off the first annual Oak Leaf Festival ‘Spring Fling’ at the Lewis Christian Community Center in Oak Hill. It’ll be packed with crafts, music, food and door prizes.

“This is our 25th year for the festival and we’re trying to go a little bigger,” said Oak Leaf Festival Director Saundie Smith. “A little more money we need, so this is one of the ways we’re trying to raise money for the festival.”

Interested in being a vendor? Reach out to Saundie at 304-663-1608; $50 buys you a 10×10 table and two chairs. If you need more feel free to bring them.

“Just call and I’ll put your name down, and then you can pay when you get here,” Smith said.

The Oak Leaf Festival director says she has people making Easter wreaths and guesses there will be some little chocolate Easter eggs.

“We have a new business here in town (Bailey’s Baubles) he blows glass and does beautiful work,” said Smith. “Boutiques, we have soaps, candles, jewelry, just — a little bit of everything.”

It’s a welcome chance to stop hibernating and see our neighbors.

“Just come out and have a good time, socialize. It’s a big social thing ’cause people come and see people they haven’t seen for a while,” the festival director said. “It’ll be warm in here so if it’s cold out that’s no excuse, you can come on in and get warm.”

Saundie just wants everybody to come out and support the vendors.

“‘Cause if they don’t support the vendors then they won’t come back and we actually have some new vendors this year,” said Smith. “They’re coming from Webster Springs, Bridgeport. It’ll be exciting to see what new things they bring that we haven’t had before.”

It’s a great way to spend a relaxing Saturday.

“You can eat a hotdog and a barbecue and have a good time, and shop — that’s right,” the Oak Leaf Festival director said.

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