Oak Hill banners honor our hometown heroes

For the past few years, the city of Oak Hill has been honoring our hometown heroes with banners.

Their service and sacrifice to our country and the ideals we hold dear do not go unnoticed.

“My dad was in the military, my uncle was in the military. You drive along and you see those banners up and you just get a feeling, you know,” said administrative assistant Sharon Coffman. “You appreciate that.”

Interested: Coffman will be accepting applications until March 29. Stop in or call the city of Oak Hill and she can mail you one. They also have an online application.

“They can e-mail their picture to me and they can also pay online,” Coffman said. “I prefer that they come in and let me scan the picture.”

According to Coffman, the banners don’t get displayed in any particular order. But once they’re up they leave ’em up.

“From Memorial Day until I believe Veteran’s Day. Then we take ’em down and we store ’em until the next year,” she said they continue to put ’em up every year until they’re too worn and battered to put up again. “Then we offer ’em to the people who purchased ’em and give them the option to purchase another one.”

The significance of the banners is incredibly meaningful.

“We wanna have them up for quite a while for people to enjoy but we don’t wanna leave ’em up so long that (they’re affected by) the weather,” said Coffman.

For the city to do this year after year is a testament to the veteran’s families just how important their loved ones are and how much their courage, loyalty and sacrifice mean to us.

“We wanna honor our veterans; we’re thankful for ’em. The ones that are no longer with us it makes the family feel good,” Coffman said. “The ones that are with us, and we have lots of those — it makes them feel good to know that they’re appreciated and being honored.”

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