National Cinema Day Brought Great Movies at Great Prices to Beckley

BECKLEY, WV (WOAY)- Sunday august 27th was National Cinema Day and Marquee Cinemas in Beckley joined in on the fun.

National Cinema Day is a day where people can come together and celebrate watching movies in theaters. On this year’s National Cinema Day, all across the country, participating theaters made all movies and all formats for dollars to see.

This is the second year that the National Theater Owner’s Association did this, and the second-year Marquee Cinemas also participated. It was a chance to see some of the biggest hits from the summer, and many people came out to see some movies even doing double features.

General manager Jacob Armstrong said he believes that this year’s event will be more successful than last year’s.

“I do. I think that the film selection, this year’s better. You’re coming off of some huge tentpole tentpoles, too. The summer with Barbie and Oppenheimer and Blue Beetle and just several titles. The film industry did better this year than last year because of much better content. So, I think there’s still a lot of people excited to come out and get into theaters and watch these movies that they missed because they were enjoying their summer or working and, you know, give them a chance to come back, do it, save some money.”

While many people love seeing some good movie deals, some people come for the experience of watching a movie in theaters, like the Irvin family.

“But when you come here, you have an experience. You know, you get to experience the big screen and the food and everything. It’s much better to come in. I think,” Brandy Irvin explained.

Though, regardless of people’s reasonings to go to the movies on National Cinema Day, both staff and guests loved it and hope to see it continue in the future. “Oh, yeah, for sure. That would be awesome. Yeah,” said Brandy Irvin with her family agreeing.

“National cinema day hopefully sticks around. And it’s just one of those events that we all celebrate every year,” said Jacob Armstrong. So, whether or not you got a chance to see a movie on National Cinema Day, you can always still go to the movies and sit back and relax and enjoy it.

If you want to see what other movies are available at marquee cinemas and their showtimes, you can visit their website.


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