NAACP gets involved in Woodrow Wilson and Greenbrier East basketball altercation

BECKLEY, WV (WOAY) – Woodrow Wilson and Greenbrier East girl’s basketball teams will face each other tonight for the first time since February 11th. Since that altercation, the NAACP has stepped in to become the voice for the players and the community.

“There’s always a time when people have to be an mediator, that’s who we are. As NAACP our role is to mediate and to also sit down and if we can’t bring compromise, can we bring a word to say to both sides when there’s an injury in our community. And there appearance of racism,” said Raleigh County NAACP President Barbara Charles.

After the altercation, in a post game interview West Virginia Governor and Greenbrier East girl’s coach Jim Justice called the Woodrow Wilson players thugs.

“Words have meanings, we have to be careful how we label and put words out there. So I believe and totally believe that the children need a apology,” said Charles.

Charles says there’s only one thing she hopes to see at tonight’s game.

“I like to see both teams come together,  shake hands and be able to say we are accepting of each other, we’re playing a game and we know who we are. I would like to see both sides come together,” said Charles.

Raleigh County NAACP is expected to meet with Gov. Jim Justice one more time regarding this issue.

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