Midland Trail community members hold send-off for team in first round of playoffs!

MIDLAND TRAIL HIGH SCHOOL, WV (WOAY)- Every home game, local churches come together to serve food to Midland Trail football players and cheerleaders. They do this to “break bread before the war,” or so they call it, but the team’s game on November 10 is not a home game. This game is actually one of the games in the first round of the playoffs. So, the local churches decided it was more than enough reason to have another send-off.

Senior players explained their thoughts about going into the playoff game, and how they prepared for it.

“I think we’re confident. Very confident. You know, we’ve been preparing all week and we’ve been looking over, we’ve been scouting them. We’ve been watching film. I think we’re very excited,” said David Moore, linebacker/half back.

“It’s definitely going to be a tough game. You know, they’re a good football team. They’re the number two seat for a reason, they’re 10 and 0. They haven’t lost a game yet. They throw the football around really well, so our defense is going to have to play well. And just hope for the best,” explained Jaden Gladwell, wide receiver/corner back. “You know, I feel pretty good. You know, this week in practice was probably one of our best week practices of the year. Everybody’s just been ready to go, and we are all motivated to go up there and get a win.”

There was food, community support and most of all team spirit, and that community support goes a long way.

“You know, with the community support with everyone cheering us on I think, you know, we’re going to go down there and we’re going to deliver,” expressed Moore.

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