Meta announces new VR technology, Meta Quest Pro among other advancements at this year’s Connect 2022

WEST VIRGINIA (WOAY) – Meta, the former Facebook company, announced some new advancements Tuesday at their Meta Connect 2022 conference.

In early September, the company paid a visit to the Greenbrier to introduce the technology to West Virginia, including Meta Quest Pro, the newly advanced virtual reality headset.

Tuesday’s conference that was held in Menlo Park, California highlighted those advancements with the VR headset, among other developments being made in the Metaverse.

Some of these new developments included the progress with the creation of Horizon Worlds, which is a new kind of social network where the user is completely immersed in a virtual world, and there can interact with others. Also announced, the partnership Meta has made with Microsoft to further enhance the world of gaming, work, and beyond.

“Over the last year, we have been working with developers to create new experiences for people who are looking to get things done in VR and beyond,” says Meta Creator, Mark Zuckerburg.

“Microsoft has been at the heart of work and computing since the earliest days, and we’re working on enabling Horizon Work Rooms for Teams so you’ll have a great Microsoft Teams experience through VR, a way to join Teams Meetings and Work Rooms, and you’ll have the whole Microsoft 360 Suit available too,” Zuckerburg says.

Meta Quest Pro will begin shipping on October 25, 2022. It will include controllers, stylus tips, partial light blockers, and a charging dock.

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