Mercer County to create stockpile of COVID-19 supplies

PRINCETON, WV (WOAY) – Mercer County has decided to allocate $50,000 from their CARES Act funding to create a stockpile of COVID-19 supplies. 

The supplies will include face masks, shields, gloves and any other piece of PPE that the county may need. According to County Commission Greg Puckett, the stockpile is being overseen by the emergency preparedness coordinator Tim Farley, and supplies will be given out as needed. 

“The local authorities are gonna be able to talk to Tim and say okay if the health department needs additional supplies, if EMS or fire need additional supplies or law enforcement, whoever happens to need it the most. We’re gonna protect our groups first so that then they’ll be able to protect our citizens,” Puckett said.

All counties were given $100,000 of CARES Act funding by the governor and can use it at their own discretion. 

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