Mercer County Animal Shelter reduces adoption fees amid facility’s Code Red status

Princeton, WV (WOAY) – The Mercer County Animal Shelter has reached capacity and is back on Code Red.  

M-C-A-S is urging pet lovers looking for a loyal companion to consider adopting from them and potentially save an animal’s life.

According to the shelter’s Facebook page, all adoption fees are $10 this week through September 3rd.  

Grant’s Supermarket is stepping up to help the cause by sponsoring adoption fees through September 9 and offering free pet food vouchers with each adoption.

When an animal shelter reaches code red, it means they have reached capacity and will likely have to resort to euthanasia to make room for more animals. 

M-C-A-S has not euthanized an animal in over seven years and is working hard to get pets adopted to avoid it. 

This most recent code red status follows 37 dogs and 24 cats being adopted from the shelter to avoid possible euthanasia last month. 

Visit MCAS on Facebook for more information.

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