Marshall offensive lineman using new N.I.L. rules to promote music career

WOAY – On July 1, student-athletes across the country unveiled new brand partnerships, logos and merchandise.

Marshall offensive lineman Will Ulmer went a slightly different route, taking advantage of the new NCAA rules to promote his country music career.

Now that the NCAA will allow it, I will be playing live shows this year as Will Ulmer!!” he tweeted. “I am open to all venues and business opportunities!! DM if interested, let’s make some music.” 

The post was liked nearly 3,000 times and Ulmer has an idea as to why it struck such a cord (no pun intended).

“It was different than a starting SEC quarterback signing a million dollar deal with Nike or Apple,” explained Ulmer in a Zoom call. “There are all kinds of different activities and hobbies and passions that were being prohibited. I just think it’s huge.”


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