Manhattan District Attorney warns public that payment app thefts are “skyrocketing”

Oak Hill, WV (CNN) –  Many use payment apps to send money. 

However, Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg warns users that theft while using those apps is “skyrocketing.” 

Bragg says culprits range from violent offenders to savvy swindlers who trick their way into locked smartphones. 

He has sent a letter to several payment services demanding they put in more security measures. 

Those include lower transfer limits, increased monitoring for unusual activity, or even being able to cancel a transaction. 

In the letter, Bragg wrote failure to take proactive steps would lead to countless unsuspecting victims. 

Venmo, cash-app, PayPal, and Zelle did not respond to requests for comment. 

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has said consumers should be protected from fraudulent electronic fund transfers. 



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