Local church hosts community day for patrons

PRINCETON, WV (WOAY) – A church in Princeton holds “Praise in the Parking Lot” a safe community activity day. 

The Fairview Christian Community Church has been working tirelessly to give its patrons opportunities to get outside and be active. So over the weekend, they invited the community out for a day of fun, food, music and games.

Blake Bivens, the assistant pastor, says it was a way to show the community that they can still have fun, even during a pandemic. 

“We’re trying to just give people a reason to be out, and social distance and be safe. But also we’re just trying to build up some faith that we can make it through this. We want people to know that it is a tough time, but God is still God and he’s going to help us through this,” Bivens said.

All ages were invited to the event, and it was held in a safe way with social distancing and required masks.

The event took more than a month for the church members to plan out. 

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