Let Congress Know your Opinon On Hemp Regulation

As restrictions ease across the country, the cannabis industry is evolving before our eyes. Congress is currently seeking opinions on how to create a unified approach to regulation after the 2018 farm bill legalized the cultivation of hemp with some significant restrictions.

The primary restriction is the amount of the psychoactive compound THC. The plant is considered hemp and can be legally cultivated with a license if there is less than zero point three percent THC. However, the FDA still considers it illegal to market CBD as a supplement or food additive.

The lack of any type of unified regulatory system has caused significant confusion.

States have developed different approaches, however, the uncertainty at the federal level has stifled interstate commerce and given big box retailers cold feet when it comes to marketing CBD products.

Recently, congress submitted a request for information to the US hemp round table regarding the regulation of cannabis products.

The US hemp round table is the nation’s largest hemp business advocacy organization.

Their submission supported regulating cbd under the current regulatory framework for dietary supplements, food and beverages. It also supported separate regulation of adult use of cannabinoids to keep them out of the hands of children but not criminalize them

Hemp Round Table Response to Congress’ Request for Information Click Here

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