Latest update on Mountain Valley pipeline, crews extending pipeline across waterways

Tonight, we have an update on the Mountain Valley pipeline, as crews continue construction throughout Appalachia.

It’s been mired in controversy from the start, and Bloomberg reported earlier this month that the company that owns the pipeline is considering selling it as it weighs different options.

Meanwhile, work is ongoing in West Virginia, with crews laying pipeline across waterways in our viewing area just before Christmas, according to documents available on the Mountain Valley Pipeline’s website. The pipeline has to give weekly updates to the State Department of Environmental Protection.

Last month, the pipeline sued two people who allegedly blocked construction on the pipeline by chaining themselves to equipment.

That incident happened in the Jefferson National Forest. The company is asking the court for damages and to ban them from future interference.

Earlier this month, another protestor got three months in jail.

Newswatch will continue to follow the Mountain Valley Pipeline, keeping you updated on what you need to know.

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