Issues with unemployment continue to frustrate West Virginians

SUMMERSVILLE, WV (WOAY) – To this day, hundreds of West Virginians are still having problems getting their unemployment benefits.

A Nicholas County man has been out of work since the pandemic started, and fears if he doesn’t see his benefits soon, he’ll be homeless.

Thomas Lafferty spends most of his days calling the WorkForce West Virginia unemployment office, hoping that he can get the money owed to him.

“I was receiving the pandemic unemployment, and everything was going good. At the end of June, I had an issue on my dashboard for my Workforce West Virginia, and I didn’t know what was going on,” said Lafferty.

And just like that, his benefits stopped. Thomas says in his WorkForce West Virginia account, three outstanding issues prevented him from receiving his benefits, further complicating his already-complicated situation.

“After I got that issue straighten out, another issue appeared on my account the same day,” said Lafferty.

Thomas has three weeks to access his benefits before him, and his wife will no longer have a place to live.

“I want to get answers and talk to the people that I want to talk to. I want to be informed about what’s going on, you can’t get answers from anybody,” said Lafferty.

If you are experiencing unemployment issues, you can send your phone number to for help.

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