Ice cream social held at Valley Pre K-8 to welcome newcomers and celebrate a good deed

SMITHERS, WV (WOAY) – Two kindergarten classes from Valley Pre K-8 and Gauley Bridge Elementary learned a valuable lesson in giving back.

Both classes came together for the Red-Hot Sock Drop, a sock collection drive for Charleston area homeless shelters and a veteran’s home.

To celebrate their good deed, an ice cream social was held for the students. It was also a time of helping the Gauley Bridge students make the transition to a new school next year.

“The purpose of the sock drive was to have Gauley Bridge students and Valley students collaborate because we’re closing and we want to try to get the students acclimated to Valley,” says the Principal of Gauley Bridge Elementary, Janna Coleman.

An Epsilon sorority chapter started the sock drive for a national incentive program about giving back to the community and they got the two schools on board.

Between all of their efforts, well over 1,200 socks were collected for the shelters. The drive served as a meaningful way to help out those in need, both for the sorority and for the students.

“It’s needed because as part of our sorority we want to be out there in the community and let everyone see that we’re here to help people in the community,” says sorority chapter President, Carol Greene. “And we wanted to get the kids involved because part of our sorority has the Yes program and we bring it into different youth so they can see the positive things we’re doing.”

A positive reminder to help others out whenever they can is exactly what the sock drive became for the students.

“It’s good for the students to know that’s it’s not about just them,” Coleman says. “And so doing a sock drive to emphasize the importance of helping out the homeless is always beneficial for the students.”

The kindergarten class at Valley donated over 300 pairs of socks to the homeless shelters while the kindergarten class at Gauley Bridge contributed almost 150 pairs of socks.

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