House unanimously passes amendment regarding parents involved in child abuse investigations homeschooling their children

Charleston, WV (WOAY)- House lawmakers have unanimously advanced an amendment preventing parents involved in child abuse investigations from homeschooling their children.

House Bill 5180 removes specific requirements for homeschooled children. 

Under the bill, school officials could delay a parent’s request to homeschool if a child abuse/neglect investigation was initiated by a teacher or school personnel in the district.

Additionally, the legislation requires county superintendents to be notified when a faculty or staff member issues a referral.

The amendment was designed based on Raylee’s law, which has been proposed in the legislature since 2019. 

8-year-old Raylee Browning died of abuse and neglect in 2018 following her parents withdrawing her from public school to homeschool her instead. 

Browning’s teachers previously reported suspicions of child abuse to Child Protective Services (CPS).

The bill now heads to the Senate for further consideration. 



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