House members urge Food and Drug Administration to regulate review dietary supplement linked to overdoses

Oak Hill, WV (WOAY): A handful of House members are sounding the alarm about a dietary supplement they report is dangerous, linking it to seizures, overdoses, and deaths. 

Legislators are asking the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to review tianeptine to determine its presence in the United States. 

The FDA previously warned about the supplement’s side effects. 

The National Institute of Health reports that in Europe, physicians prescribe tianeptine to patients who do not respond well to other drugs meant to cure depression.

While other countries market tianeptine, the United States is among a handful of countries that prohibit its use for medical treatment. 

Some have called tianeptine “gas station heroin” because gas stations and convenience stores usually sell the supplement.

The lawmakers say recent reports indicate tianeptine is highly addictive, and stopping its use often triggers symptoms similar to opioid withdrawal.

Currently, nine states have banned the supplement. 


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