House Finance Committee approves bill allocating $2 million for neuroscience research at WVU

Charleston, WV (WOAY)- The House of Delegates Finance Committee approved a bill on Monday to appropriate $2 million in supplemental funding to West Virginia University to support neuroscience research. 

House Bill 5014 would use supplemental fiscal year 2024 budget funds to help WVU’s Rockefeller Neuroscience Institute further its research using ultrasound technology. 

The New England School of Medicine featured results from WVU researchers discussing using ultrasounds to remove plaques in the brain that typically lead to Alzheimer’s disease. 

Additionally, WVU researchers have studied and collected positive results using ultrasound technology to treat severe substance use disorders. 

The committee would allocate the money in addition to WVU’s regular state funding. 

The bill heads to the full House of Delegates for further consideration. 

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