Habitat for Humanity looking for a family to purchase a new home

RONCEVERTE, WV (WOAY) – A three-bedroom, one-bath house is now in the finishing stages of construction and will soon be ready for a family that is less fortunate to call it home.

“We are looking to partner with a low-income family who identifies as homeless and special needs,” says Kayla Dransfield, Executive Director of Almost Heaven Habitat for Humanity. “Homelessness can be described as unfit or unsafe living conditions, over-crowding in your home or doubling up, and being in a domestic violence situation. Special needs can be described as any physical or mental disability.”

The family that qualifies to buy the home will partner up with Almost Heaven Habitat for Humanity in Lewisburg to help finish the house. The organization is hoping for a family of three or four that could buy it by December. And applying for the brand new home is as easy as filling out a New Home Inquiry on the habitat for humanity website.

“Once a family fills that out we’ll contact you back and we will invite you to a meeting to learn more about the program and what it takes to be a Habitat partner family,” she explains.

And while the home is still unfinished, it would be ideal to get a family moving in that can help add the finishing touches and bring it one step closer to calling it their own.

“Having a decent, affordable place to call home is a really important thing and something a lot of us take for granted, and if we can help our community and help our neighbors find decent and affordable places to live, that is the foundation for the rest of your life to flourish and thrive,” Dransfield says.

Habitat for Humanity is a non-profit organization. And with their help, these new homeowners have the opportunity to not build but also create their new home and with an affordable mortgage.

As part of the program, the family pays it forward by helping with the next build in their community.

If you think you might qualify there’s a link on our website that will take you directly to Almost Heaven Habitat’s website.

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