Great American Cookies share the love this Valentine’s Day

It’s a celebration of romance and the power of love.

On this Valentine’s Day, many stopped by Great American Cookies in the Crossroads Mall for a cookie-based gift to make someone smile.

“It’s pretty much a one-stop shop for Valentine’s Day, the treats that everybody loves that you want to take home to your loved ones,” said regional manager Andra Raines. “Just making ’em fresh all day, decorating ’em all day. The store is also making things. So if anybody wants customized/personalized things like that, they can step right down there.”

When one thinks of Valentine’s Day it’s often flowers and candy. Great American Cookies are a unique, sweet treat Haleigh Massey likes to give and a family tradition.

“It’s for my mom and we just — we’ve always done the cookie cake and we all share it on Valentine’s Day,” said Oceana (Wyoming County) resident Massey with her daughter Paislee. “She used to all get us our own when we were younger. So now that I’m older, I get her one every year.”

Madonna once said: “To be brave is to love someone unconditionally without expecting anything in return, to just give.”

Andra’s favorite is the classic chocolate chip cookie cake, she loves the icing.

“At the store, I’m just a good old-fashioned M&M person but we do also have some sugar cookie cakes too,” the regional manager said. “So for different people that like some different things.”

In West Virginia Great American Cookies are iconic and much-loved.

“They’re the best, honestly,” said Massey. “Just really good; they’re our favorite.”

If you want to make their day, try a heart-shaped or other type of cookie cake, the possibilities are endless.

“It’s got a personal touch to it, they’ve got cute designs. Customize it to what that person likes,” Raines said. “They can get their little bundle and they’re done with their Valentine shopping.”

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