Governor Justice and Secretary of Revenue make a stop in Beckley to discuss personal income tax reduction proposal and opposition to Amendment 2

BECKLEY, WV (WOAY) – As the November elections are just around the corner, Governor Justice is conversing with constituents.

He and the Secretary of Revenue for the state, Dave Hardy, stopped by Word Park in Beckley for a visit on Monday to do just that. Two major topics of discussion were the governor’s proposal to reduce personal income tax, and his opposition to Amendment 2.

One of the four proposed amendments to the West Virginia Constitution, it would allow the legislature to eliminate property taxes on business machinery and equipment.

Both are issues that voters can expect to see on the ballots this November.

“The nine states that don’t have an income tax, their economies in the last decade have grown by 56%,” Hardy says.

“To be able to give an automatic kick-back to all of us, but particularly everybody that was really hurting with what was going on, gas prices, food prices,” Justice adds.

Justice plans to continue his campaign throughout the state before the coming election.

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