Gov. Justice supports the proposal to lower personal tax in West Virginia

WEST VIRGINIA (WOAY) – Following the recent announcement of more than $5.8 billion in collected revenue the state has garnered, along with the potential for a 10% personal tax cut, Governor Justice reaffirmed his support for the opportunity in Friday’s Covid-19 briefing.

He feels that lowering taxes would be the fastest way to get more money back into people’s pockets in a time when everyone could use the extra cash the most. And, if approved, it could potentially bring $250 million of those dollars back to them.

It’s a move that Justice feels would be a way to show the world the opportunity the state has in store, and one that would be the best direction going forward.

“Absolutely all here say without question that we got people here that are hurting and we need to really help them,” Justice says. “At the end of the day, if they say no we don’t want to do that, then that’s on them. All I can do is bring the horse to water. I can tell you without any question, we need to get money back into our people’s hands today.”

The potential tax cut will be voted on in the next special session of the Legislature from July 24, 2022, to July 26, 2022.

Similar to a plan proposed by the House already, the House and Senate are happy to continue the conversation on this proposed tax cut.

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