Get ready for President’s Weekend by checking your tires the AAA way

With President’s Weekend upon us… AAA is reminding everyone to check their tire treads.

It’s something you can easily do at home, just slip an upside-down quarter between the tire grooves and if Washington’s head is completely visible, it’s time to shop for new tires.

“The tires are really the only thing between your vehicle and the roadway (and) you and the roadway, and so they are vitally important,” said AAA Blue Grass public and government affairs manager Lori Weaver Hawkins. “So we need to make sure they are in good condition.”

According to Hawkins, this time of year with the constantly fluctuating weather can affect your tire pressure, so she says to make sure to check that too.

“Because air expands and contracts with temperature and of course that includes the air in your tires. So along with having George Washington help you check your tire tread, you want to make sure you have the proper tire pressure in all four tires,” she said. “Front tires oftentimes will have a different proper pressure than the back tires.”

That’ll not only help your tires better grip the road, but proper tire pressure will also help you get the most out of every gallon of gas and we’re all about that.

“A wet surface makes it more difficult for your tires to grip that roadway. So that’s why you want to do all that you can,” said Hawkins. “That includes making sure you have proper pressure, as well as the tread on all four tires.”

AAA says 800,000 crashes occur on wet roads each year. Lori says tire issues are some of the most common calls that AAA gets for roadside service.

“It’s just so easy to hop in that vehicle and go on your way. You know ‘the engine’s working fine,’ ‘my car’s fine’… ‘I’ve gotten an oil change,'” the public and government affairs manager said. “But if you are not maintaining your tires, you’re really not taking care of your vehicle and you’re putting yourself and any passengers that you have at risk.”

It’s important to maintain the health of your vehicle the way you would take care of your own health.

“Along with making sure that you’re getting regular oil changes and other types of engine maintenance, make sure that you don’t neglect those tires,” said Hawkins.


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