FTC sues H&R Block over online free file option

Oak Hill, WV (WOAY)- The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is suing tax preparation company H&R Block over issues tied to its online free file option. 

The FTC alleges H&R Block makes it difficult for consumers to downgrade to less costly packages, and it misleads many into thinking they qualify for free filing. 

According to the FTC, to downgrade to a lower-cost option, customers must first contact customer service and then re-enter all of their tax data. 

By contrast, the agency said the experience is hassle-free when consumers upgrade to a more expensive option. 

The FTC also accuses H&R Block of deceptive marketing when advertising its online free-filing option, not making it clear who actually qualifies for the product. 

H&R Block issued a statement saying in part, “The company has been committed to making the process of filing taxes accessible and more transparent for all.” 

For more information on this lawsuit, visit FTC.gov.

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