Frank Priddy on being elected new Raleigh County Sheriff

BECKLEY, WV (WOAY) – Frank Priddy has a decorated two-decade law enforcement career, 17 years as a supervisor in the Beckley police department investigative unit.

Come January he will be stepping into a new role, as Raleigh County Sheriff.

“Feels great, I’m super excited. I’m looking forward to, you know, hit the ground running and get started on trying to do the things that I want to do,” Priddy said. “And, I think we’re gonna make some really, really strides here in Raleigh County.”

According to the sheriff-elect, he made the decision several years ago to run, and all the stars aligned. He says he will surround himself with the right people who have the same goals…when he starts his new job on January 2, 2025.

“Once you get that established, then you have to set up your own team, put the people where you think that they would be best, and then get your game plan going,” he said.

Drugs are the sheriff-elects priority and he wants to get ahead of the problem.

“That might be more manpower; use today’s technology with the old-school techniques of boots on the ground,” he said. “You can be very successful putting a little bit more effort into it. I want to re-implement the DARE program — the new DARE program, have an officer trained in that so he can go in the schools.”

What makes a good sheriff Priddy says is an open-door policy and honesty with the public and the voters. If you can solve crime, get justice for victims and help people with whatever they may be facing — you know you’ve made an impact.

“Very rewarding when people come back to you and tell you, ‘Hey, I really appreciate you helping me with this and it all worked out,'” said the sheriff-elect.

It’s about public trust and being likable and approachable.

“People trust you they’ll come and tell you what’s going on in the community,” Priddy said. “And that’s one reason you need to get with the community leaders, pastors, the different churches, that way you can meet everyone in their different circles. And people will reach out to you and they’ll tell you their problems and they’ll tell you who’s actually doing stuff.”

The sheriff-elect says he intends to be more proactive with the department detective bureau, has a great relationship with the prosecutor’s office and will be working felony cases.

“If your business is broken into or if your home is burglarized we’re gonna have a detective work that until hopefully we’re successful catching the bad guy, recovering your property, putting the bad guy in jail,” said Priddy. “That’s our goal. Give a good case to the prosecutor’s office. I’ll be working hand-in-hand with them to get the job done.”

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