Fayetteville opens new temporary dog park

FAYETTEVILLE, WV (WOAY) – The town of Fayetteville has set up a temporary dog park. 

Located in front of the former Fayetteville Elementary School on Wiseman Avenue, the park offers a large green space to let your dog off the leash. This location is only a temporary one however.

According to the town’s superintendent Matt Diederich, they’re looking for a permanent location to set up a more developed space if the current dog park sees enough interest. 

“This is something temporary. We’ll give it a try, see if people use it. We do get a lot of residents requesting a dog park. There seems to be a lot of animal lovers around, a good thing to have in your town so you can let the animals exercise,” Diederich said.

The new dog park is located at 114 Wiseman Avenue in Downtown Fayetteville.