Fayette County Sheriff’s Department and Project Lifesaver — bringing loved ones home

Project Lifesaver is a search and rescue program designed for at-risk individuals with dementia, Alzheimer’s, traumatic brain injury, autism and down syndrome that are prone to wander.

“It uses pulse carrier wave radio frequency, which is a bracelet that’s affixed to the individuals, either their wrist or an ankle or somewhere that can’t easily be manipulated,” said Fayette County Sheriff’s Department Corporal Korey Spears.

Protection and safety for a loved one who wanders… Project Lifesaver is providing peace of mind to thousands of families.

The sheriff’s department, law enforcement and fire personnel have this special equipment they are trained to use in the case of a lost person.

“It’s not a live monitored program,” Spears said. “If that individual wanders off then the caretaker contacts us immediately and then we’re able to use that equipment to locate them.”

According to the corporal — in the five years he, Corporal Ryan Fox and Sergeant Rob Neal have maintained the program they’ve been fortunate to not have anybody that’s wandered off to require using the equipment to locate them.

“A lot of times when those individuals wander off they’re not aware of their surroundings or where they’re trying to get to — so our search coordination time frame is cut drastically, as well as manpower for these efforts,” he said.

It’s a free program, just contact the Fayette County Sheriff’s Department and ask for Corporal Spears, Corporal Fox or Sergeant Neal and they will go over the parameters of what’s required.

“If it’s accepted, then we’ll hook everything up and be on the program,” Spears said.


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