Fayette Co. goes on second week without receiving COVID-19 vaccines

FAYETTEVILLE, WV (WOAY) – It has been two weeks, since the Fayette County Health Department received the last COVID-19 vaccine doses. 

Statewide, West Virginia’s vaccination rate is off to a great start.  According to the latest vaccine numbers posted to the COVID-19 Dashboard Friday afternoon, West Virginia is now up to a 1st dose administration rate of 93.7 percent. However, in the last two weeks, vaccine rollouts in certain areas in West Virginia like Fayette County have come to a complete stop. 

“The numbers that we were expecting to receive at a state level have been significantly cut. So when that happens, there’s less numbers of doses to distribute across the state. To help remedy that, they’ve done a more regionalized approach which leaves some counties out of that mix,” Fayette County Health Officer, Dr. Anita Steward said. 

The cause of the delay remains unclear to many, but those who are waiting for their second dose should not be concerned. According to Fayette County Health Officer, Dr. Anita Steward, the health department has received boost doses also known as the second dose of the vaccine on Wednesday for patients who already received their first dose.  

“I did receive Boost doses today that will cover our community second dose that is due. So we are receive those this morning, but we are not receiving any first doses.” 

Residents who are in dire need of the 1st dose can travel to other counties to be vaccinated even though the Heath dep knows that’s not The most convenient option for a patient. 

“Transportation is one of our biggest barrier so for me I think it creates even more on top disparities in a population at very high risk and vulnerable,” Steward said. 

The Fayette County Health Department is asking everyone to be patient during this time.

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