Down to his last strike: How Darryl Strawberry found God and is now sharing his message

BECKLEY, WV (WOAY) – Darryl Strawberry spent 17 years in Major League Baseball, shattering records and winning world series championships; but he wasn’t fulfilled by the life he was living until he met God.

“It was a long turning point. It was the prayers of my mother, and then coming to a place with my wife Tracy, who would eventually lead me back into church, and that would change the course of my life,” Strawberry explained.

Now, Strawberry and his manager John Luppo spend their days traveling the country preaching God’s word.

Luppo couldn’t speak highly enough of his relationship with the former major leaguer. “This man is such a great man of God. He totally transformed my life,” he said.

On Thursday, Strawberry spoke to the West Virginia Miners and visiting Terra Haute Rex. Sure, he gave some advice on how to hit the ball and succeed at the plate, but most of this time was spent sharing his principles of faith and life.

“We have been so blessed to be able to build a relationship. He’s made a way so he can deposit what he’s went through to help people in our community,” West Virginia Miners Manager Tim Epling explained.

Strawberry says he hopes his greatest legacy is not the accolades he’s received, but rather the faith he has walked in.

“I think it brings hope to them. It’s not just about the uniform, because that day comes when you have to take it off,” Strawberry added. “Young athletes need to know that God is the source of everything at the end of the day and just make the best out of what you’re doing and who you become.”

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