Delegate Robinson introduces bill to stop unfair practices performed by internet service providers

CHARLESTON, WV (WOAY) – Due to the importance of internet service to the businesses and residents around West Virginia, Delegate Andrew Robinson (Kanawha) has introduced legislation to ban providers from continuing to bill for services not received by the internet subscriber.

“West Virginia businesses rely on their internet provider to maintain reliable service, so they can serve their clients and generate vital income to pay their employees,” says Delegate Robinson. “Reliable internet access allows people to work from home, study from home and stay connected to their families, community and the world.  However, businesses and residents routinely do not receive the services for which they pay.”

Delegate Robinson’s legislation would prevent internet service providers from billing a subscriber until the provider verifies their services have been restored.

“Internet service has become a utility our businesses, workers and students need to perform a variety of tasks, if their service is off, then so is their productivity for that day,” Robinson stated.  “The Legislature should do all that we can to ensure that residents across the state have access to reliable, affordable high-speed internet.”

The legislation includes a requirement for the internet service provider to discount the subscriber’s bill for time without service.

House Bill 4403 has been referred to the Technology and Infrastructure Committee and the Committee on the Judiciary. Cosponsors of the bill include Delegate Rodney Miller (D-Boone), Chad Lovejoy (D-Cabell), Joe Canestraro (D-Marshall), Nathan Brown (D-Mingo), Sean Hornbuckle (D-Cabell), Shawn Fluharty (D-Ohio), Andrew Byrd (D-Kanawha), Doug Skaff (D-Kanawha), Evan Worrell (R-Cabell) and Kayla Kessinger (R-Fayette).

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