Cross Country Skiing

Getting outside in the winter can be a challenge, but when you have access to world class cross-country skiing, that challenge can become negligible. And although it may look familiar, cross-country skiing is its own sport.

“Cross-country skiing is you’re basically ski squatting on a flat surface, relatively flat or with lower heels, and you’re just traveling through the woods on trails and you’re looking at the snow and nature and just just getting out and getting involved,” said Kristina Miller, the manager at 4 Seasons Outfitters.

4 Seasons Outfitters is a locally owned gear rental shop and grocery store in Richwood that rents cross country skis for an extremely affordable price, only $25 a day.

As you get out and involved in some of the most incredible winter landscapes in the mountain state, it becomes apparent very quickly that cross country is very different than downhill skiing.

“You’re not on a steep slope, so you don’t gain speed. And basically it’s more athletic. Cross-country is athletic because you’re using your entire body, but it’s more of an even pace, it’s more level. And you just go to follow the trail the way that you want to,” Miller said.

The community that surrounds these outdoor activities is one of a kind, and they are often welcoming, gracious and patient, fostering an extremely fun environment to try out something new. People come from all over the country to cross country ski in the areas that surround Richwood, and as soon as you step on the trail, it is obvious as to why.

“We have people that travel from out of state that are regulars that come in every year and we look forward to seeing them. And so they keep coming back because they love that peaceful atmosphere. And it’s just a small town vibe up here, everybody you know, you say hi to people, you see them on the street, you know, everyone.” Miller said.

If you want to try out cross country skiing, or just want some help as you venture into the wild in wonderful West Virginia, 4 Seasons Outfitters in Richwood has everything you need to make it a reality.

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